Thursday, April 9, 2009

Books Read In 2009

So far, I have read:

1) Rebel In Blue Jeans
2) The Language Of Elk
3) The Substitute Kid
4) Milkweed
5) Teen, Inc
6) Jewels Treasured By Her Family
7) Privilege
8) Rowan Of The Woods
9) Spud
10) HopperGrass
11) Elijah's Coin
12) Private
13) Rubies In The Orchard
14) The Silent Note
15) Also Known As Harper
16) Path Of A Hero
17) Buggy Crenshaw And The Deadwood Principle: Revolution!
18) Freak The Mighty
19) David Inside Out
20) Ghostgirl
21) 13 Reasons Why

You can also check this list out at my book review site by clicking here! The list will be updated as soon as possible! =] Also, by going to my book review site, you can search for the reviews of a title that interests you above!